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Our Values

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RERS works in a very simple way. It allows great flexibility, while ensuring optimal quality of the exchanges and respect of the members.

• within the network, we only exchange knowledge so as to improve our mutual skills. Neither money nor goods and services in exchanges are allowed.

Each skill has the same value. The duration of the exchange is not considered as an important criteria. Only the needs and the will to learn give social value to this knowledge exchange.

Reciprocity is the main point of the exchange. Each member in turn is a teacher and a student. The network is based on an open reciprocity concept. For instance: Julie teaches the guitar to Joel who teaches Maths to Samir who, in turn, teaches Arabic to Laure who teaches cooking to Henri, Jane and Farid, etc...

• Contact between members is handled by a mediator. This allows the participants to build together the content, the methods and the terms of the exchange (time, place, duration, rythm, equipment…). The mediator ensures that the expectations and the freedom of each are respected.

• Friendly meetings, where members can get to know each other, can suggest new demands and offers and talk about the exchanges they took part in, are necessary for the good functioning of the open network system.

Ateliers et rencontres à venir

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