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Exchanges: how they work

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• Take contact with us and we’ll help you express at least one offer and one demand at a welcoming meeting or an individual appointment (not necessarily at the same time, there’s no rush if you’ve accepted the reciprocity concept)

• These new offers and demands are added to a list which is broadcasted to the public. No information about your name or your contact details are mentioned, only staff members have access to your personal data.

• As soon as a possible exchange is spotted, a mediator brings together/connects the provider and the seeker at a meeting or by appointment.

• Providers and seekers agree on the content, the location ( meeting room , café, footpath, at home, etc .. ) , the schedule and any possible equipment needed. They then make a trial exchange and decide whether or not to continue. They are completely autonomous but inform their mediator about the organization of the exchange.

• Everyone is free to stop, suspend an exchange, leave the network or come back according to one’s time table. The only rule is to inform the staff of the association about your decisions, so as to avoid them trying to contact you for nothing.

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